Mobile World Congress wrapped up earlier this week, and although we didn’t make the trip across the pond to Barcelona, we’ve been keeping a close eye on this year’s events and insights.

MWC 16 didn’t disappoint in terms of new tech–from connected cars to VR–but it remains to be seen how much of this new technology will translate quickly over to the enterprise. Much of the tech at MWC is already on the cutting-edge of the consumer market, and we all know how slow the enterprise is at adopting new technologies.

One of our favorite commentaries on MWC 16 came from Vanessa Hunt, head of mobile at GroupM. Writing for AdNews, Hunt notes that “mobile is far more than mobile.” As she sees it, mobile “is now a convergence of devices, connectivity, and digital service.”

Though she’s talking about mobile as an idea as it relates to all the new technologies on display at MWC, her statement–that mobile is far more than mobile–is one that carries over to the enterprise.

You may not be deploying wearables to all of your employees or using VR to telecommute, but you can still take a note from Hunt and work towards a company-wide approach to mobility that is comprehensive. Rather than just being a means to an end, mobility is a valuable way to bring your company together through that convergence of devices, connectivity, and digital service that Hunt mentions.

Is a change in approach to mobile strategy as ‘sexy’ as that shiny new connected car at MWC 16? Maybe not. But from where we sit, it’s much more likely to have an immediate impact within the enterprise.