Context is king.

We’ve talked before here on our blog about how different customers of ours are using App47 to help meet their business goals. But, admittedly, many of those mentions have been in passing.

Given this idea that context is king—that understanding how real businesses use a product or service is a significant benefit—we’ve decided to kick off a series on mobility use cases. We may have talked about customers before, but in this series we’re going to do a deeper dive into how some of App47’s clients use our platform to achieve their end result.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll look at three main mobility use cases that should help give you that ever-important context: enterprise, consumer/B2C, and eCommerce. Using real client experiences, we’ll take a closer look at what App47 is capable of, what clients’ needs are with mobility in their businesses, and how those clients use App47.

We’ll kick off next week with consumer/B2C.

Check back next week for the first post in the series on mobility use cases. See you then!