Over the last few weeks, we’ve spent some time explaining the next big trend in application management: the enterprise machine.

We started simple by explaining what the enterprise machine is. Then, we explained why we think the future of application management is more than mobile. We talked about why companies embrace the enterprise machine model. And just this week, we took a deep dive into how one of our clients has used the enterprise machine model to give themselves a competitive edge.

To close out our series, we thought we’d pose a simple question: how will you use the enterprise machine to help your business?

Will you load an app store onto the tablet that ships with your ultrasound device, enabling your end users to customize their experience to their specific needs?

Will you add app functionality to your bulldozer to assist construction project managers, and to spot parts in need of preventative maintenance before they break down?

Will you build apps into your new flagship line of refrigerators, telling consumers how long they have before their food expires, or how best to organize their food in the fridge?

The beautiful thing about the enterprise machine model is that it does for any product line what the app store did for phones. This new software model gives users a better, customizable experience, and allows developers to expand the functionality of your product in ways you never even imagined. This new framework presents tremendous opportunities for companies willing to embrace it.

Again, then, we ask: how will you utilize the enterprise machine?