Enterprise mobility can help your business in any number of ways, but we always love hearing new ideas about how mobile devices can help make life easier for all your employees.

We recently stumbled across an article from writer Jon Arnold that describes a new scenario we hadn’t thought of. Writing for TechTarget, Arnold explains how he thinks employee devices could be used for touches meeting rooms.

As companies work on their return-to-work strategies post-pandemic, they are continuing to think about new ways to minimize sharing high-touch surfaces as a way to keep employees safe. Arnold calls this the “touchless workplace,” and gives an interesting example of what he thinks this could look like.

In his scenario, employee devices (obviously in a BYOD setting) could be loaded with apps to authenticate and identify employees who want to use shared spaces like conference rooms for a meeting. They could be used for everything from unlocking doors to reserving meeting spaces, and in offices with the right equipment, could even be used to automatically open doors without touching door handles.

Continuing on, Arnold imagines a scenario in which mobile devices could “serve as the digital key to interface with the [room’s] meeting system.” This could include everything from verifying a user, to starting the meeting with video and audio equipment while in the room. And of course, Arnold also describes how mobile apps might be used to support contact tracing for everyone in the office as folks get back to work.

Unsurprisingly, a strong enterprise mobility strategy that supports BYOD is key to ensuring employees have a truly touchless, seamless experience. But put in place correctly, the right tools could make life easier for everyone as companies get people back to work. We love hearing new ways people are utilizing mobile devices, and this example by Arnold is yet another in a long line of options we hadn’t yet thought of.

Do mobile devices play a role in your company’s plans for return-to-work? We’d love to hear how you’re using them! Post below in the comments to share your best ideas.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash