One week and lots of catch-up sleep later, the App47 team is back from Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017!

MWC was a fascinating display of the new and the next in the mobile world.

A lot of what we saw on display was consumer-focused—answers to questions like how to get more eyeballs on your apps, how to optimize ad placements, and how to get the most bang for your buck from the ads in your apps. Though none of that was particularly relevant to us, it was still interesting to see the latest in the consumer app world.

What did interest us was, as we suspected, the cutting-edge of Internet of Things technology.

More and more, “mobile” is coming to mean “anything not tied to a landline.” That principle was on full display at MWC, with companies displaying everything from cars and drones to washing machines and thermostats. There was a seemingly endless amount of new devices and technology on display in Barcelona.

How exactly this influx of mobile devices (that aren’t traditional phones or tablets) will affect the enterprise market remains a bit of a mystery, but we’ve hinted at what we think is ahead in previous discussions of what we’ve dubbed the “enterprise machine.” These non-traditional devices will start off with a base set of technology that can be enhanced through aps, which means they will need app stores, too.

Even if the products have a fixed purpose, we think this is the start of a great conversation about getting that next bit of functionality out of all mobile devices—not just those traditionally used in the enterprise. For that reason, we’re excited to see so many new mobile devices, as for us, they’re all opportunities to take hold of the mobile experience and help out customers.

So: did the App47 team have any groundbreaking revelations at MWC? Not quite. What we did get, however, is an exciting look into the future of mobility—one that goes beyond just smartphones—and a glimpse at the tremendous opportunity to shape the role of the enterprise machine.