Why adopt enterprise mobility within your company?

Aside from benefits like business transformation, gains in productivity and efficiency, and better user experience, a new survey by Webtorials and Mitel suggests that cost is an important factor, too.

According to the survey, there’s a significant cost associated with delaying the adoption of enterprise mobility: ranging from just under $3,000 to over $12,000 annually, depending on the type of employee.

Webtorials surveyed IT professionals at 231 enterprises. Their analysis quantified how much productivity, in time, was lost due to ineffective enterprise mobility practices for knowledge workers, information workers, and service workers.

They found that potential annual costs due to productivity loss were $12,493 for knowledge workers, $9,283 for information workers, and $2,993 for service workers. At the companies surveyed, that adds up to about $186,000 per week or $36 million per year–all because of a lack of effective enterprise mobility!

Of course, many companies aren’t operating at the same scale as the enterprises surveyed by Webtorials. Nonetheless, these results show how much companies have to gain by deploying and adopting a successful strategy for enterprise mobility. It also seems that in some cases, a poorly-run enterprise mobility program could be worse for productivity than not having an enterprise mobility program at all.

Seeing true ROI from your enterprise mobility program takes a well-managed strategy centered on user-friendly apps and detailed analytics. As this study shows, there’s much more to mobility in the enterprise than just fancy apps and other mobile-friendly software. Companies could be missing out on tremendous gains in productivity just by continuing to delay their enterprise mobility programs.