We have to say thanks to TechTarget for chronicling our decision of Loggly over Splunk with respect to wrangling our machine-generated log files. As the article reveals, we went with Loggly — but not necessarily based on their small size alone. True, we’re among the first to tell you that smaller, more nimble vendors tend to have the most beneficially disruptive qualities. As we like to think of ourselves as MAM pioneers, we know all about coming from diminutive beginnings; it’s what makes a startup a startup in many ways.

However, as articulated by are always-eloquent CTO, Andy Glover, “Working with Loggly, we felt like we were partners. That was a major difference.”

In elaborating on that sense of partnership, Andy explained how we at App47 “felt like we played a role in their product development. Loggly listened to what we needed and then went ahead and built it.” Andy also added that the Loggly team was also pretty cool in terms of sharing open-source alternatives if we wanted to roll in our own search. “It wasn’t a sales pitch. It was a conversation that led to a sale, so to speak.”

When the focus is on performance rather than sales pressure, that suggests a vendor pretty confident in their solution effectiveness. We definitely like to speak that language.