As we’ve already suggested, 2013 is going to be a definitive year for enterprise mobility. The explosion of mobile apps is remarkable to watch, but it also raises plenty of questions. A big emerging concern is the testing and management — the quality assurance — of those increasingly critical enterprise mobile apps.

It’s no small challenge. Device diversity seems as intricate as app options. The variety of operating systems and gadgets can create dizzying permutations. Mobility is really changing the testing equation, but does that really matter?

In this episode, we talk to Dan Mcfall, VP of Sales at Mobile Labs, a company that is working on breakthrough software to automate testing for mobile apps as well as mobile devices. His assertion? Organizations want to expand their existing ecosystems, which demands Application Lifecycle Management. You may not be able to test for every device, but you can certainly ensure the performance and functionality of your apps. That should be on every mobile-app-minded company going forward.

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