App47’s ability to customize our platform to look (and feel) like a tailor-made solution for your business is a key point of value for our customers.

If you happen to have a product that runs on the Android platform, we can take that customization one step further with an offering we’ve come to call the embedded app store.

Where companies were once releasing products that operated in closed ecosystems, today, many of those same companies are instead integrating consumer-grade hardware into their product offerings to expand their capabilities. A combine that once ran on proprietary software, for example, may now leverage the ease of use of an Android tablet to run its GPS and planting systems.

If moving from closed systems to commercial-grade hardware was the first step in many companies’ product evolutions, the embedded app store is poised to be the next. It greatly expands the capability of a product by opening it to outside development and innovation–all at little cost to the company.

All of that said, one of the most important considerations a company can make when broadening their product’s functionality is which app store to use. Though you certainly could use Google Play, there’s an added cost, and the UI won’t quite match the rest of your product line and branding.

Enter App47. Not only can we help you make the transition to integrating an app store within your existing product offerings, we can fully embed it, load it with your choice of tailored apps (which can be changed and updated as more apps are developed to harness the full functionality of your product), and streamline it with a UI that matches your brand. Customers will be none the wiser that this isn’t a custom solution, and better still, they’ll reap all the benefits of a broader app ecosystem to get more out of products already in your lineup.

Whether you’re developing additional apps for your product lineup, or counting on outside developers to find creative ways to expand functionality, the premise is the same: adding an embedded app store to your product suite can be a terrific move, both for you and your customers. With a custom look and feel, better user experience is the name of the game.