In the latest episode of What’s Appening, App47 CEO Chris Schroeder sits down with Windward IT Solutions CEO Sean McDermott for a heavyweight conversation on enterprise mobility. Government agencies and top-tier corporations alike are embracing mobility — and many people think it’s a pretty big tiger to tame.

As Sean explains in the podcast:

“The big shift that we’re seeing right now around mobility is just getting it deployed . . . a lot of our customers are coming to us and saying, ‘we’re rolling out 2000, 10,000 iPads, we’re moving them into mobility for our sales workforce, or even in the DOD trying to figure out how to roll out mobility across the DOD and the intelligence community.’ So mobility is coming, there is no stopping it. The challenge is how to manage it.”

As Sean and Chris discuss, the reassuring news is that mobility shouldn’t really be treated too different than other technologies we’ve already tamed. Most organizations already understand, or should understand, how to manage their IT infrastructure from networks, operations systems, cloud technology, etc. Mobility is not a new animal. It’s part of or will be part of any organization’s IT infrastructure, and the odds are that you already have a sense of how to control it.

So, pull up your chair and find out how to take control of mobility.

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