The weather’s finally getting warmer (with overdue consistency). That’s typically been the time where we take a look at how the enterprise mobile app industry is evolving, as seen through the lens of how our own clients are managing their mobile application interests.

In the weeks and months ahead, we’re going to take a close look at each of the industries in which our clients operate, including print & digital media, beverage distribution, the U.S. military, Federal agencies, professional sports, and automotive.

For starters, it makes sense for us to talk about the success of a client we’ve highlighted a few times — USA TODAY. Our blog readers and podcast subscribers know we are proud of how things have progressed in terms of that partnership. And if things were status quo, we’d have plenty to be happy about.

But things are hardly status quo. They continue to evolve right in step with global goals defined by USA TODAY’s parent company, Gannett. When we began the relationship, the goals were straightforward; our express purpose was to help provide the Digital Media Team with reliable, ultra-granular consumer app performance analytics for their USA TODAY app. That data would inform all manner of consumer/subscriber interactions, improving the user interface and maximizing mobile-presence monetization.

Fast forward to today, and App47 is the means by which USA TODAY is creating a unique internal app store experience that allows for easy distribution and deployment of mobile apps to Gannett affiliates around the world. This means news-hungry organizations on every continent can use the same technology, platform and build process that has helped create USA TODAY’s award winning mobile app experience. Today, affiliates have the ability to access the USA TODAY MAM platform to view, update, and analyze their mobile apps, preserving consistent USA TODAY identity as content is delivered to consumers.

This consumer consistency is important to the brand managers, but it’s also critical from a tech perspective. Gannett manages almost unthinkably massive content systems. Legions of writers, editors, photojournalists, videographers, pundits, and bloggers worldwide create a daily deluge of information.  Unifying the systems that process and move this content to digital subscribers streamlines the workflow and keeps the content fresh — an imperative for any news organization. And with App47 they are also able to standardize the method of app distribution and management for their affiliates.

We’re definitely proud to be part of the reason that Gannett confidently claims it “informs, inspires and entertains millions of people at home, on the go and around the world.”