We’ve talked more than once about how rewarding its been to see enterprise mobile apps gain real traction throughout the marketplace. What was interesting two years ago is quickly becoming imperative today. Companies in myriad industries understand the value of mobility, and as a result are appreciating the value of Mobile Application Management.

Heading in to the end of the year gave us cause to take a quick count on the many industries with which we’ve been involved. We have the privilege of working with some standout clients in so many verticals. It prompted us to create a quick list of industries where MAM is proving to be the means to real mobility success.

Partnering with Digital Management, Inc. (DMI), we’re working with the USDA to help execute a mobility strategy that should prove to be a benchmark for Federal agencies. This, for us, represents government innovation at its best — embracing and even driving innovation thanks to a smart partnership with strong solution providers.

Hawaii’s Myron B. Thompson Academy has become a paragon of virtual learning. Mobility is the understandable evolution. Equipping staff and students with reliable, approved mobile apps is key to fulfilling its mission of student-centered learning, accessible from anywhere.

Wholesale mortgage lending is another industry where mobility has accelerated an already fast-paced environment. Our client works with brokers, retailers and realtors, each of whom demand fast, secure transactions. Enterprise mobility is an obvious fit. Our job: making it easy to distribute and manage apps for their workforce.

Food & Beverage
When a bigtime beverage company wanted to give its distributors real mobility muscle, we stepped in with our signature MAM solution and app store offering. The results are still brewing, but distro teams coast to coast are already taking advantage of effectively managed apps that make their jobs of managing inventory distribution much easier, and keeping customers happy.

Our work with USA TODAY to energize its mobile content delivery capability is documented here. Media, at the forefront of content distribution in so many forms, is an innovative force  in enterprise mobility, and it’s been remarkable to help an industry standout take the lead.

Medical Device
Having a leading global biopharmaceutical company as a client has given us a tremendous opportunity to work with what might be the consummate mobile workforce. With personnel worldwide now depending on their mobile devices to both stay informed and in turn to inform customers, reliable app distribution and performance is an imperative.

Medical Services
Working with integrated marketing services provider Think Basis, we greatly improved the way apps specific to medical sales to the cosmetic surgery industry are deployed, managed, and improved. It’s meant a more effective presentations, more informed prospects, and — no surprise — more sales.

App47 has been honored to work with a branch of the service that wanted a smart, accessible approach to public app access and distribution. Our app store solution has proved to be an ideal fit, offering users a trusted source of approved app access.

Retail Distribution
Partnering with CloudLink has put us right at the point where enterprise mobility and cloud solutions meet. We worked with them to pre-load Android tablets destined for consumer electronic retail stores with a customized toolbox of apps and cloud capability that are optimal for the business user purchasing their own tablet.

Sports & Entertainment
Here’s where consumer expectations nicely intersect with enterprise functionality. We’re working with a major professional sports organization that is realizing plenty of benefit from well-managed mobile workforce while ensuring that their mobile presence fulfills ultra-demanding consumer user expectations.

Systems Integration
As companies seek capable vendors to help unify their IT subsystems, it only makes sense that enterprise mobility gets brought in from the beginning. It’s exciting to be sitting at the table day one, when integration strategies are being worked up. It shows a positive shift in enterprise mobility recognition.

Transportation Services 
Driver-focused consumer apps consistently top user favorites. Our client Metrocket found a compelling way to make road trips more enjoyable while giving roadside businesses a fresh point of consumer interaction with their iExit app. It’s another example of our balancing enterprise need and consumer expectation.

For us, 2012 has been a great year of getting familiar with a cross-section of interesting industries. We’ve welcomed the diversity (and continue to do so) because the consistent element for us is the collective embrace of enterprise mobile apps. Over the next couple of weeks and well in to the new year, we’re going to examine these verticals in-depth, profiling how mobile apps are delivering real benefit to each, and how MAM is helping to make it all as advantageous as possible. Stay tuned.