Love is in the air. Or maybe that’s just us imagining the smell of the fresh flowers that are definitely going to be delivered here to the office later this week.

Either way, love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. For many of us, that means date night, Hallmark cards, and photos. Given how hectic Walgreen’s tends to be the day before Valentine’s Day (not like we would know), we tend to take a more modern approach to this romantic holiday—the mobile approach.

Have a look below for our favorite apps to help you survive Valentine’s Day:

  • Red Stamp Cards: It’s hard to think about Valentine’s Day without thinking about giving cards out to loved ones. The Red Stamp Cards app (which is free, though you have to pay for the cards themselves) lets you customize cards, print them, and send them all from your phone. The best part? This app lets you skip the long lines and confusion that come along with the cards section at the store.
  • Felt Cards: Maybe you’re a fan of cards but you’re looking for something a little more heartfelt than a printed photo. Felt Cards (which again is free, though the cards aren’t) lets you use your iPad to write out cards and have them delivered to a person of your choosing. What makes Felt Cards so different is that the cards are handwritten—not printed out by a computer. Modern technology never ceases to amaze us.
  • Delightful Dates: Delightful Dates is an app that’s getting a lot of attention in the news recently. It lets you browse different dates—from a night at the museum to a tandem bike tour—that are customized to a profile you and your date create, making for a unique experience and a fun planning process. Right now, it only features dates in the San Francisco area, but we definitely recommend bookmarking this app as it continues expanding into different cities across the U.S.
  • OpenTable: OpenTable, best known for their website, lets you make restaurant reservations, read reviews, and compare prices on the fly. This app is very useful for those last-minute date reservations we’ve all been guilty of at one time or another, and helps streamline the hectic process of finding a good place to eat on Valentine’s Day.

If love actually is in the air on Valentine’s Day, at least some of it is our love for these apps that make planning a date night easy and painless. And even if you’re not a big fan of this February holiday, the usefulness of these apps is sure to carry over to other nights out on the town, preferably when it’s warmer and the chocolates have moved from the front of the store back to the clearance section.