If you’ve been following our blog the last few months, you know that now is as good a time as ever to sharpen your enterprise mobility strategy.

But, as Daniel Hein, writing for Mobility Management Solutions Review, notes, that doesn’t mean it’s any less important to ensure you’re focusing on the right things with regard to your planning.

In his article, Hein focuses on five big mistakes you need to avoid when considering your enterprise mobility strategy. The whole article is worth a read as you sharpen your planning, but three of the things he highlighted in particular stood out to us:

  1. Not developing a solid BYOD strategy. These days, BYOD environments are basically a given. As Hein notes, personal devices can be magnets for malware. Rather than assuming that employees will only use corporate-owned devices to do work, your strategy should embrace the fact that employees will likely use many devices throughout the day, and have tools in place to manage those devices properly. Unlike MDM, App47’s MAM is unobtrusive and doesn’t require full control over the device. Plus, we have tons of BYOD experience and can help you properly develop and implement a successful BYOD strategy.
  2. Neglecting mobile device security. Like the BYOD issue mentioned above, it’s also critical to ensure that your mobility security plan has contingencies for the many ways your users will interact with their devices. Control of data at the app level is a solid, yet unobtrusive, way to manage this, but however you implement your mobility strategy, security should be your number one priority.
  3. Ignoring user experience. Finally, Hein is correct in his observation that it won’t matter how good your enterprise mobility plan is if your devices and apps aren’t easy to use. Mobility management is all about making employees’ (or customers, or other users) lives easier, and if your solution doesn’t accomplish that, good luck getting anyone to actually follow the rules you put in place. At App47, user experience is a central priority, and we’re happy to work with you to ensure your App Store is tailored to your users’ particular needs.

We agree with Hein: “it’s crucial to know about common mistakes that companies make regarding mobility management and how to avoid making them yourself.” MAM, and enterprise mobility more generally, have been around long enough that we’ve had plenty of time to iron out the kinks, even if things continue to evolve on a daily basis. Keeping a keen eye out for common mistakes is a good start on the path to ensuring things run smoothly within your own company.

If you’d like to learn more about how best to avoid the mistakes described above, contact us today to chat, or have a look through the rest of our blog. We’ve been writing about enterprise mobility for some time now, so our content covers a wide range of topics you may have questions about.

Photo by NeONBRANDon Unsplash