Last week, Chris kicked off a series on customization with the App47 platform by talking about product extensions and describing the App47 product-building process. This week, we’re going to pick up where he started and talk about another key element in our ‘customization suite’: enterprise integration.

When we say enterprise integration, what we really mean is tightly integrating App47 into the enterprise environment—rather than building a one-off, custom solution. By keeping 95% of the product the same and customizing that last 5% to better integrate it into the company in question, we can scale quickly and keep a reliable core product while still adapting App47 to specific, individual needs.

The end result feels a lot like a custom solution, but without the cost and tedious process of building something from the ground up for each customer.

Two areas where we do a lot of what we’re calling enterprise integration are authorization, authentication, and onboarding needs—which tend to be quite unique to each of our customers. Most enterprises have a unique way of identifying which employees should have access to which apps or features, and how they get to them. This would make a one-size-fits-all solution unsuitable, and requires us at App47 to customize the product to our customers’ views of the world.

Imagine, for instance, a typical onboarding situation: an employee downloads a mobile app from the App Store, authenticates their credentials, and starts the onboarding process. On the back end, we would integrate with the application to see who the employee is, connect that with Active Directory, and see what they should and should not have access to. Our integration with AD creates a streamlined authentication and onboarding process that works seamlessly with a company’s existing infrastructure.

Onboarding is just one example of many ways we use enterprise integration. Our integration with the Volume Purchase Program is another. Regardless of the feature, the key takeaway here is that we will work with you to ensure our product is seamlessly integrated with your backend to make onboarding, app licensing, and more easy for all parties involved.

We’ll talk next week about embedded app stores. Want to start a conversation about how your business can use App47? Contact us at to get the conversation started!