CSSISDA Best Pitch ContestLast week, App47’s Director of Business Development, Rob Manfredi, went out to San Diego to take part in the CCISDA’s fall conference. After our (ongoing) work with Ventura County, we thought it would be great to have an opportunity to interface directly with senior IT leadership from across a number of California counties.

The trip started off with a bit of a surprise. Rob entered the “best pitch” vendor contest, and it wasn’t until he listened to the introduction of the contest that he realized it was based not on a traditional pitch but on the ability of the vendor put on a show, embarrass themselves, and integrate baseball themes (in line with the rest of the conference).

CCISDA Wrap-up Best Pitch Contest

After contemplating for a few minutes how he was going to get out of the contest, he figured he might as well go along. In line, he scribbled some lyrics, and ended up performing an App47 song to the tune of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

Impressively, his pitch landed him third place in the competition. (The rest of the App47 team is wondering when Rob is going to record his song.) We give him credit for thinking on the fly and doing his best to get App47 out there.

While not as amusing as App47’s new theme song, it’s also worth mentioning a real need Rob saw and heard throughout conversations with a handful of IT directors.

One of the key concerns surfaced by the folks Rob talked to was the hiring and retaining of the next generation of talent to work in a government setting. Like many of us, they’re asking what things besides salary they should be offering in order to attract great talent.

There are many answers to this question—that is, many things organizations ought to be doing in order to attract new talent—but one that falls in our realm is a solid mobile strategy. Employees want you to meet them where they are, which often means having strong mobile capabilities and a clear strategy for how employees can use mobile devices to be more productive. With a mobile strategy obviously comes security concerns and the need to manage apps, and we’re happy to say that if you’re at that stage in developing a mobile strategy, we can help.

While we won’t promise the ability to write songs for all our clients, we certainly can promise that if you have questions about how to implement a mobile strategy, we can offer advice and solutions. To find out more about how we can help, contact us at info@app47.com today.