In this episode of our What’s ‘Appening!! podcast series, we turn the tables and make our usual host, Chris Schroeder, the subject of the interview. As founder and CEO of App47, we figured giving Chris a little air time to reflect on the past year, and to offer some thoughts on the year ahead was a good idea.

Like enterprise appdev and even enterprise mobility itself, App47 has been in a constant state of evolution and adaptation during the past 12 months. Chris talks about how its current mission is in many ways profoundly different than its founding vision. Not surprising considering the unpredictability of our industry.

He also thoughtfully balances the importance of MDM and MAM, noting how they combined to  create a smart mobile strategy (for more on that, be sure to check out our eBook, MAM + MDM = BMS (Bada$$ Mobile Strategy).

Thanks to everyone who helped make the past year a real success for App47. Click here to listen to the latest episode of What’s Appening!