When it comes to every day work, there is one thing every business woman needs: her phone. Two of the best made-for-business phones on the market today are the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S 5. So, which one is right for you? It could come down to just one feature or many.


One stark difference between these two phones is the outer core designs. Where the iPhone 5s has a metal build, the Galaxy S 5 is plastic, which can be a turnoff for some business women looking for a more sturdy phone, notes Business News Daily. However, the Galaxy S 5 is slim and light with a faux metal trim and dimpled backing, making it easy to grip. It’s also water proof. The iPhone 5s keeps to its signature look, and is 7.6 millimeters thin and weighs in at 112 grams, states Apple.

Content Sharing and Multitasking

Equipped with iOS 7, the iPhone 5s has several built-in features that can help a business woman be more productive. For example, AirDrop is a pre-installed app that allows you to send content such as video, photos or documents to one coworker or client or multiple people via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Users also can download iWork’s productivity apps such as Pages, Keynote and Numbers, which is equivalent to Microsoft’s versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel, respectively. Additionally, the iPhone 5s allows you to categorize your emails better by selecting certain contacts as VIPs, so when you get an email from them, you can be alerted immediately and view it from the lock screen.

According to Business News Daily, the Galaxy S 5 is one of the fastest smartphones on the market with a 2.5-GHz Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB of RAM, giving you smooth multi-tasking abilities. Another advantage is the multi-window feature through its TouchWiz interface, which allows you to run more than one app at a time. This feature is easy to use, and lets you display the apps vertically or side by side if you turn the phone. Thus, you can use a calculator while checking your email at the same time.

Battery Life

To an IT gearhead, the A7 dual-core 1.3GHz and 1GB of RAM in the iPhone 5s may seem weak, but it actually performs well, states Trusted Reviews. For the average business woman, it allows apps to load instantaneously, and displays graphics crisply and clearly. The dual chip feature allows the phone to split data, so there’s little drag time. However, this puts a bit of a drain on battery life. Also, changing the battery in iPhones still means using a kit to take the tiny screws out from the back of the phone.

As for the Galaxy S 5 phone, it promises a day-and-a-half-long battery power with moderate use. In one test by Trusted Reviews, the phone’s battery lasted 11 hours from a full charge while playing a video on medium brightness. A unique feature with this phone’s battery is that it has two types of power saving. The normal Power Saving mode does some tweaking to keep battery life lasting longer while the Ultra Power Saving mode keeps the phone to a one-screen interface, and allows you access only to your SMS messages, the phone calling features and your browser. The Ultra Power Saving mode runs in black and white, and can last 10 days or more on standby. It is most effective when you only have 10 percent left of your battery, which is usually that time when you are waiting for an important call or email from a client.

Either way, these two phones are top of the line. All you need to do is decide which features are most important to you and your business and hit the ground running.