The short answer? Yes.

Someone has to say it: Let’s acknowledge that the lingering workplace concern about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has gone on long enough. The simple truth is that BYOD is no longer worth worrying about. Enterprise mobility innovation as epitomized by the app lifecycle control afforded by MAM has effectively eliminated concerns about development, management, and even security.

The actual cure for BYOD concerns? A pre-populated app store that makes all your organizational apps available in a single, secure, approved place. It means versions are fresh. It means access is under your control. It means users get only what’s approved, appropriate, and ready to go.

As was noted by Gartner at the beginning of this year, a full quarter of all enterprises will have their own app store by 2017. Ask us, and we’ll say that number is going to be higher, sooner; the advantages are just too obvious. Continuing with that logic means smart organizations are already starting or have completed their app store builds. In fact, we offer an ultra-easy way to build your app store. You can try it free for 30 days here.

And if you need a little extra convincing as to the value of an app store, give our latest data sheet on the value of MAM for B2B a quick read. The benefits only begin with being a BYOD remedy. It’s a quick read, and ideal primer before you open your own app store.

Give it a shot. It’s summertime . . . and the app store building is easy.