Are you afraid of adopting enterprise mobility?

In a new piece for TechTarget, Steve Damadeo, IT Operations Manager for Festo, argues that organizations “must embrace going mobile so business can move forward.” We couldn’t agree more.

Of course, embracing change isn’t always easy. Any number of obstacles might stand in the way of a company hoping to get on board with enterprise mobility. Here are just a few that Damadeo thinks IT stakeholders should be aware of:

  • Poor change management structures: “The problem is that many organizations are pretty terrible” at change management, he says. This can obviously pose a problem when talking about implementing something like enterprise mobility, which spans multiple departments but still must move quickly and be adaptable.
  • Old architecture: It’s simple: the more legacy architecture a company has, the harder a time it will have implementing any new system. Companies must find a way to bring infrastructure into the 21st century while not compromising security or adding too much additional complexity.
  • Minimal understanding of users: Damadeo’s final point is an important one: mobile strategies are centered around people, but too many companies have a poor understanding of their users. That can pose a problem when trying to figure out which apps to implement, or which system or systems will work best for the user base.

The good news here, we think, is that none of these things have to be dealbreakers. We are firm believers that with the right approach, any company can get on the path towards enterprise mobility and embracing the future.

In fact, the App47 platform was designed to mitigate some of the common fears about enterprise mobility adoption. Companies need not have rigorous change management structures in place to adopt our system. As with any software, there may be growing pains, but the onboarding process is easy and our platform is easy to customize depending on your needs.

As for architecture? That’s not a problem, either. Certainly, we won’t claim that embracing the App47 platform will solve all your infrastructure woes; we can’t migrate your business to the cloud. What we can do is put the systems in place to get users comfortable with mobility, help streamline the app design process, and make rollout easy. From there, your team can begin the process of updating legacy systems as needed.

The final piece, then, is your users. A deep understanding of users and their habits is key to the App47 platform—which is why we’ve made user behavior so easy to track. Our analytics enable you to see who’s using your apps, how they’re using them, and when apps are crashing (or not). The App47 platform gives you a global and local view of what your users like and don’t. It’s a direct line into sentiment about your mobility structure and what needs to change and doesn’t.

Can enterprise mobility be a scary undertaking from afar? Certainly. And Damadeo has done a great job identifying some of the biggest hurdles companies must overcome when getting on board with mobility. But, as we’ve shown, adopting enterprise mobility need not be scary with the right platform and partner.

We’re confident that App47 can help get you on your feet and take the fear out of enterprise mobility.