Just last Friday, word got out that Burstly, who makes the popular mobile app testing platform TestFlight, was acquired by Apple.

This news came just after an announcement that Testflight would be ending its Android support on March 21st, that it was discontinuing its SDK, and finally, that it was shutting down FlightPath, Burstly’s mobile analytics solution.

I think that this acquisition means big things for the world of enterprise mobility management for a couple of reasons:

  • It validates the enterprise mobility world and the need for mobile app testing/development management solutions. In a way, Apple’s newest acquisition is a sign that yes, mobile app testing/development management solutions are essential (why acquire a company that has no utility?). There’s a real need to manage the test-dev lifestyle as you build an application, and this purchase is a big flashing sign that MAM is something that companies ought to be thinking about.
  • Any enterprise clients shut out by this acquisition need to start looking for a better solution. As I just mentioned a moment ago, this acquisition had with it an announcement that Testflight would be ending Android support, its SDK, and Flightpath. A true enterprise includes Android and Apple devices, an SDK, and a mobile analytics solution, all of which are soon to become unavailable. And that means only one thing: if you’re an enterprise customer and you’re using Testflight, it’s time to find a new solution. App47 provides answers to all of these needs, and makes for a great service for customers who will be looking for a new tool following this acquisition.

Although the official word from Apple (again, via TechCrunch) is that “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” there’s no doubt in my mind that this acquisition is a big step forward for enterprise mobility management as an industry, and for businesses seeking an enterprise app management solution.

As I’ve said before, mobility is the future, especially for enterprises. And Apple’s acquisition of TestFlight is another big reminder that now’s the time to get on board and find a workable enterprise mobile app management solution before it’s too late.

MAM is the means to true enterprise mobility, and especially with another management solution out of the game, App47 is the means to MAM.