Disruptive technologies earn that unsettling designation because they represent often-radical innovation that can also create an entirely new market. They don’t just change the game; they invent a new game altogether. Such is the case with appdev, which is proving to be an incredibly fertile virtual environment in which to innovate.

Video games probably provide the most obvious example of full-tilt appdev innovation. Their impact is inarguable — and I thank you for tearing yourself away from Angry Birds for a few minutes to read this humble blog post.

What we’re seeing now is the progression of that mentality to enterprise apps. We’re witnessing, in short, the consumerization of the enterprise. And the enterprise would do well to pay attention.

Consumer apps have created a climate of expectation among app uses that demands intuitive interface, easy implementation, un-frustrating user experience. If they don’t get that, they don’t download the app. It doesn’t matter if you’re launching gnomes at carnival targets or inputting sales data from the field. App usability is the lifeblood of app use.

The enterprise can’t deliver apps with the same mindset that dominated earlier mobile functionalities. Employees are not going to use something just because they get the command from on high. Even if they do get the command, they’ll likely mis-use it if it’s not thoughtfully designed and easy to implement. That’s why adopting a consumer mindset is becoming critical to enterprise app development. Your people are going to use the app when it’s easy and it works.

So now, it’s time to kill laborious SAT forms and monolithic iterations that take days to learn. Instead, enterprise appdev has to balance function and fun — that’s today’s app expectation and the most promising path to an enterprise app’s organizational acceptance.

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