As we’ve discussed in past blogs, our team here at App47 is always on the lookout for new ways to improve our product for our customers.

Of course, there’s no two ways about it: some product updates are significantly more exciting than others. An entirely new UI is much more exciting than a slight tweak to the platform. Nonetheless, those small improvements are still important, and are key to our efforts to make App47 a great product.

Today, we’d like to provide a brief overview of a few product updates that may not be the most exciting, but are nonetheless improvements that we think will be appreciated by many customers.

The first is a slight tweak to how agents are managed within App47. We’ve heard from our customers that the process for configuring agents is a little cumbersome. In the ‘old’ process, once an agent was deployed with its chosen settings, it had to be rebuilt and re-deployed if the customer wanted to change any of the primers. 

The new process is much more user-friendly and allows for configuration of the agent after deployment. This makes deployment much easier, and makes maintenance a much more painless process over the long-term. 

The second update is the ability to distribute apps in a ‘quick install’ process. App47 covers a wide range of authentication protocols like LDAP and single sign-on, and we’re now adding the option to quick install; that is, if you have the link to the app, you can download it and access it. This is a good option if you’re trying to distribute an app quickly without having to configure it–think a conference where you’re trying to share an app with a wide audience.

Third, and finally, we’re opening up the management of our UI for customers who want to tailor the details of our product. App47 customers already have the ability to write their own copy for things like onboarding emails, and we also work to ensure their app stores match the rest of their brand. Now, we’re planning to offer that level of customization throughout our entire UI, allowing our customers to come in and modify copy and wording within the App47 platform. The net result is a product that looks tailor-made when users open up the platform. 

All of these updates are in the final stages of development and should be released in the near future. We’re excited to continue making App47 a great platform for all of our customers, and hope these updates prove useful!