It’s time to talk enterprise MAM, so after the groans for our bad pun die down (and with respect to the late greats Shirley Hemphill and Fred “Rerun” Berry) we invite you to check out the first episode of our new podcast: What’s ‘Appening!! – Conversations on Enterprise Mobility.

Everyone wants to help define Mobile Application Management and determine the best ways mobile apps should be working to benefit the enterprise. We figured it was time to get everyone in on the conversation.

On a regular basis, we’ll be having concise, informative discussions about enterprise mobile application management and application development featuring the App47 crew. We’re also working up several special interviews with industry analysts and IT media pros. Keep up by subscribing with iTunes.

Check out our first episode — a little Q&A on Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) with our CEO, Chris Schroeder — and let us know what you think. And if you have an idea for a future episode of What’s ‘Appening!!, or would like to join the conversation directly, definitely let us know.

Thanks for listening!

And, because you know it’s already stuck in your head, here’s one of the greatest late 70s sitcom opening themes of all time.