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As a business owner and CEO of a venture-backed company, there are many things to consider and worry about on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. But now that we’ve reached May, it’s time for something that brings our team a lot of joy: bringing in a new group of interns for the summer of 2019.

Every year, we invite a few college students in for an App47 internship as a way for them to gain valuable real-world experience in making and managing a software product. Given that these students come from both business and engineering backgrounds, the tasks they’re assigned to vary greatly.

From running marketing campaigns targeted at new feature releases, to reducing technical debt on the R&D site, to exploring new technologies for future development, there are plenty of opportunities for our interns to get their hands on all aspects of the business.

Of course, the experience is valuable for more than the interns. The value to App47 is tremendous!

Even when they don’t mean to (and of course, when they do), our interns challenge us with new ways of thinking about business and engineering. The internships also present the opportunity for App47 to run experiments that we normally wouldn’t have time or resources to do–we’d otherwise be tied up building new features and helping customers. The summer also gives our employees a great sense of contribution to society by way of their helping the next group of soon-to-be graduates get ready for the workforce. And last but not least, it’s a great way to find the next set of hires for the App47 team!

While there are many things for us to look forward to each and every year, the App47 internship window over the summer is one that we get particularly excited about. We can’t wait to open up our office doors in just a few weeks for our next set of interns, and know there’s a lot of great stuff ahead.

Interested in interning at App47 next summer? Shoot us an email at for more information!

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash