app47-feature-spotlight-azure-ssoHere at App47, we’re always looking for meaningful ways to add functionality and value to our platform. Today, we’re happy to share with you a couple new ways we’re doing just that.

First, we’ve added Azure SSO capability to our existing end points of OAuth, OpenID, Google, SAML 2.0, AD, and LDAP. In short, this expands our capabilities to integrate with your enterprise identity provider. You must be using version 3 of our App Store UI in order to use this feature.

Second, we’ve refined our curated app store capabilities. While we’ve always supported curation of public app store applications (specifically within Google Play and Apple’s App Store), we’re moving to a service called 42 Matters.

Our move to 42 Matters will do two main things for App47, and ultimately, your app store. First, 42 Matters more frequently updates information pulled from the two app stores, so the results are more consistent, more timely, and more accurate than before. Second, you’ll now be able to search for your Google Play apps just like you do for iOS apps in the App Store. This should make it much easier to maintain your enterprise app store and keep it stocked both with private apps you’ve built, and public apps you want your employees to use for their work. 

We’re excited about these new features and hope you’ll find them useful as we continue our work to add value to the App47 platform.

If you have questions about these new updates and how they’ll impact you as a customer, shoot us a message at and we’d be happy to help.