This post is part of an ongoing series about features of App47’s mobile application management platform. Be sure to check back here on our blog over the coming weeks for more in-depth feature descriptions. For previous posts in the series, see: Customizing Your App StoreSelf-Service EnrollmentApp Store User Experience; Volume Purchase Program Integration. And for a list of all of App47’s features, see our features page here.

As most software developers know, building and launching an app can take a lot of time and resources. That same process also has the potential to be complicated when it comes time to finally release your app into the wild—if you don’t have a platform to help you with management, that is.

Here at App47, we’ve simplified the build management process. Once you’ve built your app and want to get it out to users or to testers, there are no complicated steps or confusing processes: you just go to our builds page, add your build and upload the file.

Behind the scenes, we help manage all of the platforms for that application on one page—from Android to iOS to Blackberry, all of your platforms can be managed from the same place. But we don’t stop there.

When you upload a build, you can approve different users for different tasks. One user, for example, may be able to upload apps, while only another user can approve and launch that app, and yet another has the authority to select test mode or production mode. All of those tasks can be assigned to the same person if you’d like, but they can be parsed out to individual users in cases where you may want several eyes on the process—as you might in an enterprise use case.

As we mentioned in our user experience post a few weeks ago, App47 also allows you to separate test builds and production builds to individual users. At any stage in the build management process, you can separate apps so that some users only receive the test build, and others only receive the production build. Your app store users will only see apps that will run on the devices they have access to, and the same is true with test builds. In all instances, users are segmented out and placed into easy-to-manage, customizable groups.

Building and launching an app doesn’t have to be complicated, and with App47’s build management features, we help streamline the process so that you don’t have to spend valuable time sorting through mundane tasks. A well-managed backend makes for a much better chance of a successful app launch, and that help with management is exactly what you get with App47.

If you’d like to learn more about build management within App47’s mobile application management platform, reach out to us and let us know. You can reach us in the comments below or via the contact page of our site.