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The need for a quality user experience doesn’t go away when you enter the enterprise world—your employees want an easy-to-use, good looking interface or product just as much as your customers do.

With many other enterprise mobile app management solutions, you don’t get the traditional app store look. Often, you just get a list of apps—something the market affectionately calls an “app catalog.” While these types of app stores work, they don’t always look the part, and sometimes even lose functionality like you’d get with a mainstream app store.

But things don’t have to be that way. At App47, we value user experience (and UI), and our app store shows it. By taking a hint from several UI techniques and other app stores, we provide our users with much more than just a list of apps. Here are some of the ways our app store presents a great user experience:

  • Featured apps: Much like you’d find in iTunes or Google Play, App47’s app store allows you to feature apps, whether they’re brand new or an update of a past version. When your app store launches, regardless of how many apps your user has access to, featured apps will be prominently displayed on the top—allowing you to truly customize your app store and highlight the things you want.
  • App ratings: Users in your app store will also have the ability to rate individual apps so that you can keep track of what your users like and what they don’t. Your ratings won’t be ported over from any public app store—they’ll come exclusively from your pool of users. While analytics will allow you to see exactly what’s happening with your apps, app ratings will help you track the perception of your apps within the organization.
  • App categorizing and grouping: Every account comes with 25+ different categories built in, allowing you to sort apps and make them easy for users to find (users can also search for apps by name). In addition to the stock categories, you can also add your own categories and icons if you want to sort things even more.
  • Public app porting: When you put a public app into your curated app store, our platform pulls information from the public app store so that your users will see the same photos and descriptions that they’d see in a public store—another part of our seamless user experience.
  • Test vs. production builds: Finally, on private apps where you may have a production build and a test build, users who are also testers will see two icons when they go to install an app: install and test build. That means no stumbling to figure out which is which, and users will only be able to install the test build if they’re supposed to have access, streamlining the testing experience.

By mimicking the UI of popular public app stores, we’ve made the App47 app store simple and easy to use. There’s no confusion for your users because it looks and works just like a public app store, and your business gets the added functionality that comes along with the most popular public app stores.

User experience isn’t everything, but it is very important to widespread adoption of enterprise mobile apps—a large part of the reason that user experience is so important to us here at App47, and a large part of the reason why companies like, USA Today, and Bristol-Myers Squibb selected App47 as their enterprise MAM solution.

If a quality user experience, a high degree of functionality, and above all, a great enterprise MAM solution are what you’re looking for, we think it’s hard to beat the tools and solutions we offer here at App47.

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