We talk frequently about the features and functionality of the App47 platform. But as most customers know, it’s one thing to hear about how good a product is from the source—and it’s another thing entirely to hear positive comments from a happy customer.

Our team recently caught up with AppNotch, a long-time customer of App47, to talk about how they use our platform as part of their unique tool that “Appifies” any business.

Normally, the process of developing an app is a resource- and time-intensive process. You need to hire an iOS or Android developer, decide what you want, and have it built out and tested until it’s ultimately ready for release. This can be very expensive and can take months from ideation to execution.

Of course, what doesn’t change no matter how much time or money you’re spending on app development is how many apps your customers or employees may want or need. Building one app is one thing; trying to simultaneously develop multiple apps for different users all at once can easily turn into an overwhelming process, even for large businesses.

Often, great ideas for apps go unfulfilled as time and budget do not allow for their release. This results in the loss of opportunity and increased ROI that mobile apps provide. Marketing apps intended to increase customer retention and engagement go unbuilt as app development can’t keep pace with marketing campaigns. Individual apps to localize marketing efforts for each field sales representative or each distribution location are not even considered. HR and other internal apps never make the approval list.

AppNotch was aware of this problem and also realized something else: many companies—even small businesses—have internal web developers, or otherwise have invested significant resources into websites or web tools for employees and customers.

AppNotch takes any website or web application with all its features, functionality, and design, and upgrades it into a mobile app. The app is then placed in their App47 app store—all in around 15 minutes. They can also publish apps to public app stores. The process is automated and enables businesses of all sizes, including enterprises, to easily turn web applications or websites into mobile apps. Web developers are now mobile app developers and can create their own mobile app factory by using AppNotch.

There are also options to customize apps with device features like push notifications and camera access to make the app even more functional than the website, and AppNotch integrates with Good Technology to provide full security integration as well. Perhaps most importantly, AppNotch has a patent-pending process that updates apps automatically when the website owner goes in and changes the website. No more pouring time and money into updating app features—with AppNotch, it’s all done automatically, and the app is synchronized with the website.

App47 comes into the picture on the enterprise side. As AppNotch Co-Founder and CEO Laxman Sankaran remarked in our conversation, AppNotch and App47’s relationship goes back years before AppNotch was founded. AppNotch needed an easy way to deploy apps within the enterprise—which is exactly what App47 offers.

 “Chris was working on large enterprise products with App47 before we launched AppNotch,” said Laxman. “Chris and App47 value customer excellence. We built a friendship and relationship which made App47 the natural first choice when we began looking at private app store options to service enterprise customers.”

AppNotch’s unique product makes it easy for any business to build and deploy a mobile app. Its partnership with App47 takes those features to the enterprise with private app deployments. We’ve greatly enjoyed working with Laxman and his team and can’t wait to see what AppNotch comes up with next!