It’s that time again.

Time to celebrate another year as enterprise mobile app management pioneers. For App47, it’s our 3rd anniversary since starting in January 2011. Business these days is great, but on a broader level, we’re seeing very good things across the industry, too. Mobile App Management is being championed by more enterprises than ever, and we’re also seeing the converging of several big fronts in the industry. More on that in a second.

To backtrack for a minute, this all started in 2010. After Sean McDermott (App47 founder, and current CEO of WindwardITS) and I had just sold an enterprise-focused company, we decided to give the consumer world a try. After a little bit of time in the consumer marketplace, we learned very quickly that Sean and I were much better suited to the enterprise world.

From there, we decided to set up a platform for managing and monitoring mobile apps—which were just beginning to flourish at the time. We realized that enterprises would need the tools to manage a mobile world, and started App47 to help solve those problems and enable enterprises to manage mobile apps and devices.

Moving back to today, it’s very clear that enterprise Mobile App Management is here to stay. Today, it’s not just one group that’s emerging with a need to manage apps. It’s no longer a question of MAM versus MDM, either—people need both. Vendors need MDM capabilities, and management companies are buying up MAM companies. And then there are the Fortune 500 companies looking to deploy apps company-wide.

A year ago, the consultants of the MAM world were building mobile apps for the F500 enterprise. But they weren’t for internal distribution–they were for the consumers. Much like you needed a website to be relevant in the late 80s and early 90s, so too did you need a consumer-facing app within the last few years if you wanted to be a leader in the space.

But today, enterprises are seeking out mobile apps for their partners and employees. They realize the value of mobility; mobile apps and devices aren’t just a cool trend, they’re actually very useful tools. The difference now is that companies don’t want to release enterprise-wide apps without the analytics and management tools to track them—and that’s where App47 and EMM come in.

On the one hand, we have the early adopters leading their way in the industry around MAM. And on the other, we have smaller ISCs and app development shops using their platforms to build things for the enterprise to go to their customers. Enterprise is enabling an MAM initiative, the enterprise MAM market is taking off, and here at App47, we’re continuing to hold our place as pioneers in the EMM space.

We’ve also more than doubled many of the stats we gave you last year. We have over 22+ million agents on user devices. We’re processing 6 billion events per month—that’s 200 million per day, and over 2300 events per second! We have over 7,000 app stores, and are adding more by the day. Needless to say, things have really kept taking off.

Although the space is certainly changing, the need for proper management isn’t going to go away any time soon. Even more than last year when we were celebrating our second anniversary, Enterprise Mobility Management is a cooperative landscape involving all sides of a similar coin, from MAM to MDM.

Three years later, and things are still looking great. We’re staying ahead of the changing landscape of the EMM world, and can’t wait to see how things have changed next year when we’re celebrating our fourth year in the space.