Just last September, we floated an idea: despite being an off-the-shelf solution, App47 can behave like a tailor-made solution within your business.

In fact, we ran an entire series on customization within the App47 platform, stressing the idea that we are able to quickly scale and integrate into just about any enterprise environment. And today, we’d like to harp on that just a little bit more.

One of the most significant problems that comes along with utilizing a totally custom solution is cost. Custom enterprise mobility solutions are often orders of magnitude more expensive than off-the-rack solutions. Another challenge is time: custom solutions take a long time to build and roll-out. Then, of course, there’s the trouble of integrating the custom solution with other software in your business, and paying for maintenance over the long run.

All of that said, custom solutions do have an advantage in that they’re, well, custom.

Let’s flip the script on that. What if a custom-built solution wasn’t the only way to get a mobility product that looks, feels, and acts custom-made?

At App47, that’s exactly what we provide. Especially at large companies, a custom-built solution often feels like the only way to end up with a finished product that makes sense. Large companies have unique needs that can sometimes be hard to find in pre-built solutions. The larger the company, the more unique those needs can be.

We are able to close the gap between an off-the-shelf SaaS platform and a custom-made solution to make it fit your environment. More importantly, we’re able to do it quickly. By tightly integrating App47 into your unique environment, and even building out embedded app stores when needed, we ensure that your enterprise mobility suite feels and looks custom to your business and needs.

Ask if this is done at a lower cost than a custom solution, and in much less time than a custom build-out requires. Even though App47 wasn’t custom-built to fit your business, we’re the experts in making it looks and feel like it is.