It’s inevitable: when people hear “custom,” they think “expensive.”

In fact, just last month, we wrote a blog series on customization with App47. We know what you’re thinking: App47 offers a custom, tailor-made product, so it must be extraordinarily expensive. 

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

We aren’t here to tell you that we’re a bottom-dollar, bargain basement solution. But we will tell you that it’s possible to have custom features without a custom price tag. 

The reality is, while the UI is unique for each of our customers, the capabilities that are requested by one customer can easily be integrated back into our product and made available for everyone else. Product features that start out on the bleeding edge don’t take long to become regular components of the App47 platform. 

One of our larger customers, for example, wanted an app “switchboard”–they wanted their mobile apps to be able to go easily from one environment to the next, from testing to production, as seamlessly as possible. While they took their time deciding if they really wanted that feature, another customer asked for it, and before long, it became integrated into our product for everyone. 

The story has been similar for many other App47 product features that are now part of our full lineup. Customer asks for custom feature, custom feature is developed, other customers ask for same feature, feature becomes available for everyone. 

There’s a line of thinking from many in our industry that “custom” has to mean “high-charge.” The reality is that we love listening to our customers’ feature requests. Customers know what they need, so if we can develop it for them as a custom one-off and then integrate it into our product to make the platform better for everyone, it’s a win-win-win situation. 

The takeaway here? App47 will work with you on custom features–without a custom price tag. And likewise, you’ll benefit from other customers requesting additions to our platform when those features make their way into our product suite. So: the next time you hear “custom” from us, just remember–it’s much easier than you think.