Most of our work here at App47 revolves around the enterprise and mobile apps for large businesses. But hey—we’re parents too. And with the startup of school just around the corner (or already passed for some), we thought we’d take a minute to shift our focus and highlight some of our favorite back to school apps.

Some are good for students, some are good for parents, but all are great apps to have in your arsenal if it’s just about time for you (or your kids) to head back to school:

  1. Evernote: Evernote is, without a doubt, our favorite note-taking app. We use it mostly for business, but it’s just as useful for school and for keeping track of the seemingly millions of things you need to stay on top of every week. Whether you’re planning a trip or keeping track of homework, Evernote is hard to beat.
  2. Microsoft Office Mobile: Okay, Microsoft’s iPhone/iPad port may not be the smoothest app ever. (We agree with the reviewer who called it “decent.”) But for those times when you’re in between classes and need to quickly edit a document, or when you’re waiting in line reviewing a homework assignment, Microsoft’s Mobile Office is a good tool to have.
  3. iTunes U: Calling all college students: if you’re not using iTunes U, you’re missing out. iTunes U gives you access to full courses from some of the best universities in the world, in multiple languages. We know that taking more classes might not be on the top of your mind right now, but there’s some really cool content in iTunes U that we recommend taking advantage of. Plus, it’s free, so why not give it a shot?
  4. Sunrise Calendar: Sunrise Calendar is a calendar for Google Calendar, iCloud, and Exchange. For one, it’s a very visually appealing app (which we like). But more than that, it adds more depth to your calendar than you ever thought possible. A great supplement to Evernote and another great way to keep on top of your busy schedule.
  5. myHomework Student Planner: While aimed mostly at students, this app is also very useful for parents looking to keep track of their children’s homework assignments. No matter whether you’re a parent or a student, we’ve yet to find a homework app that’s as extensive as this one. Time to put that paper planner away for good.

We may use most of our technology in the workplace, but it’d be silly not to take advantage of the many great apps out there for schoolwork and parenting, too. These apps are our favorites, but if we missed a favorite of yours, or if you have any questions about the apps mentioned here, don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments and let us know!