Halloween is yet another holiday that can be made better through our do-all smartphones. From games to recipes and everything in between, these Halloween apps give us all something to do over the scary holiday (which falls on a Friday this year, by the way).

Have a look below for our 5 favorite apps for Halloween:

  1. GoblinCount: GoblinCount is an app for counting trick-or-treaters. Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. Year-over-year, GoblinCount lets you track how many trick-or-treaters stop by so you know how much (or how little) candy to buy next year. It may be simple, but you’ll be glad you have it when you end up with the exact right amount of candy next year.
  2. Halloween City: No Halloween app would be complete without a game, and Halloween City happens to be a great one. Halloween City lets you build your own city, customize characters, and duel opponents from other cities. This one would make an excellent time sink while you wait between trick-or-treaters.
  3. Foodie Recipes: The #PumpkinSpiceLatte is all the rage around Halloween, and Foodie Recipes capitalizes on the fall pumpkin trend by offering up dozens of tasty pumpkin-based recipes for you to make your friends and family. We haven’t made everything in the app just yet, but we’re certainly making it a point to try.
  4. American Red Cross First Aid: Unfortunately, most of us don’t know as much about first aid as we should. That can be a problem around Halloween time, when putting on costumes and running around at night can lead to scrapes and bruises. Keep this app on you so you’re prepared for whatever comes when you’re out trick or treating with the kids.
  5. Trick or Tracker 3.0: If your kids are getting old enough to trick-or-treat on their own but you’re not quite ready to let them be completely independent, check out this app which lets you send messages, locate a parent (from the child’s phone) or a child (from the parent’s phone), and send pre-programmed messages from preset coordinates. A great way to utilize modern tech to keep your kids safe.

Have a favorite Halloween app we missed, or want to add something else to our list? Respond in the comments or get in touch on Twitter via @App47. We’d love to hear from you!