We get it: after everything that’s happened in 2020, you might find yourself having a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit.

Here at App47, we’re taking the opposite approach: we’re using the difficulties of this year as extra motivation to get excited for the holidays. And of course, we’re doing that through a medium we’re quite familiar with here at App47: through mobile apps.

With the holiday season already upon us, and Christmas fast approaching, we’re sharing our 5 favorite Christmas apps this year. Check them out below:

  • How the Grinch Stole ChristmasAt $6, How the Grinch Stole Christmas is the most expensive app on this list, but we find the cost of the app to be well worth it to see the Grinch come to life. An animated and interactive version of the Dr. Seuss classic, we still find ourselves checking out this app every year even though we’re long past the book’s recommended reading age!
  • The Christmas ListThis all-in-one Christmas list app (aptly named) has become a staple for us every year thanks to its intuitive layout and features that make tracking gifts easy. Not only does it let you break down budget by family member, it also helps you keep track of the status of your various gifts (shipped, received, wrapped, etc.) to make sure you don’t lose track of anything. Toss that handwritten list and use this app to help you get organized this year!
  • Christmas Countdown: It’s simple, but fun: Christmas Countdown lets you pick a theme and see a down-to-the-second countdown of how much time is left until Christmas. You can also listen to classic Christmas songs in the app. If your family looks forward to the Christmas holiday every year, they’ll really enjoy tracking how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds are left till the 25th!
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas: Like the Grinch app above, A Charlie Brown Christmas uses the mobile app format to reimagine a Christmas classic that most of us are familiar with. Whether you want to listen to the soundtrack, browse the storybook, or just incorporate the included iMessage stickers into your family’s group text, this app is well worth the $4.99 you’ll have to pay to download it.
  • NORAD Santa TrackerOkay, so this isn’t actually an app, but there’s a reason it makes an appearance nearly every time we put together a Christmas app suggestion post. The site, which goes live on December 1st every year, tracks Santa’s journey around the world every year starting on Christmas Eve. We find it engaging and fun for kids of all ages, and definitely recommend checking it out this year!

Have something you’d like us to add to the list? Reach out in the comments and let us know!

Photo by Andre Gorham II on Unsplash