Halloween is almost upon us! For some, that means covering the yard in spooky decorations and trying to scare passers-by as they trick or treat. For others, it means heading out with the kids to get candy and enjoy the holiday.

Regardless of what the holiday means to you, your experience can be improved by using some of this year’s best Halloween apps. From spooky photos to trick or treater tracking, these apps we’ve selected will help keep you safe (or scared, if that’s your thing) this Halloween:

  1. Ghost Lens 2: Who doesn’t love a good spooky photo? If you’re trying to crank up the scare meter this Halloween, this app is a great place to start. It superimposes 2 photos of you (or a friend) to make a ghost-like image, and even lets you make ghost videos. Let the scares begin!
  2. Halloween Emoji: Whether you’re looking to torture your kids by using even more emojis or just trying to get in the spirit of the holiday, it helps to have more Halloween-specific emojis and stickers at your disposal. This app gives you all of that and then some.
  3. Nextdoor: Trying to get a pulse on which houses are giving away lots of candy? The best Halloween decorations? A house (or street) to avoid? Nextdoor, a private social network for your neighborhood, lets you connect with your neighbors to better track what’s going on. As an added bonus, it’s useful to have on hand at all times throughout the year.
  4. FamilySignal: Just because your kids are old enough to trick or treat on their own doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on them. FamilySignal lets you track up to two family members for free, enabling you to keep tabs on your trick or treaters and make sure they’re staying out of harm’s way.
  5. Companion: Companion is an alternative to FamilySignal; it lets you select friends or family members as companions and then shares your location with the companions you choose. If something seems off—you don’t make it to your destination on time or start running, for example—the app will check in to make sure everything’s okay. Like Nextdoor, this app is a good one to have around all the time, not just on Halloween.

Smartphones are a great thing to have around all the time, but we hope these Halloween apps will help make your holiday experience more enjoyable. Have a favorite Halloween app that we didn’t include on this list? Reach out to us in the comments and let us know!