Brandon Frye and his team at 4Parents have been App47 customers for a long time. When we spoke late last year, 4Parents was just getting started. Today, we wanted to follow up to discuss some exciting recent developments from Brandon and the 4Parents platform.

In case you’re not already familiar with 4Parents, here’s a quick overview. 4Parents is a collection of apps designed to help parents protect and manage their families. They aren’t just any apps, though; the 4Parents team has tested and evaluated hundreds of parental apps. The only apps in the bundle(s) are the ones that made the cut with the team. Customers receive the apps at a discount versus if they purchased them individually. We’re big fans of the company and support Brandon’s mission to better help parents manage their families’ tech lives.

Since we last wrote about them, a lot has changed for 4Parents.

The biggest change is an entirely new UI with a more professional look and feel and, more importantly, a better user experience for consumers. The “new” 4Parents is much more customizable, incorporates videos, and has a slick new interface with more directional icons so users don’t have to type to implement more common commands.

App47 collaborated with Brandon and the rest of the 4Parents team to design this completely new UI. After a few short conversations, we realized that we could help revamp the entire UI rather than making small tweaks like they initially planned. We started with a blank piece of paper and built out from there.

As Brandon noted in our conversation for this blog post, “App47 provided a great general framework of what we could and couldn’t do. We’re able to do a lot more in this new platform and heard a lot more ‘yes’ than ‘no’ when asking about new features to implement. Chris and his team helped guide us on processes and on different screens customers could use to navigate in a more simplified manner. We had a lot of freedom and moved things on the fly. It was a great experience.”

Because of our core platform, we were able to go from idea to new release in a matter of weeks. We’ve always valued a customer-first approach, and think this is a prime example of working closely with our customers to achieve their goals. Our platform is flexible enough to allow for this type of customization, and often, lessons we learn helping customers achieve their goals are applied back to the platform to improve the customer experience for everyone.

If you’re a parent and haven’t heard of 4Parents, we encourage you to head over to their site to check it out! It’s a great piece of software—and it only helps that we were able to be involved in the redesign of their exciting new UI.