The foundation of any successful enterprise mobility management program (aside from a good MAM solution, of course) is an active user base — which means you have to onboard those users. If you can’t get your employees to log in, sign up, and actually start using the platform, you’ll never find success.

That’s part of the reason why the team here at App47 focuses so much on streamlining the onboarding process — not only for your end users, but for your administrators, as well.

Here are 4 easy ways to onboard new users to the App47 platform:

  1. Use the App47 UIIf you’re looking for utter simplicity, this is it. Logging into our UI gives you myriad options for your user(s), such as which apps to add, what groups they belong to and permissions they have, whether they’ll receive a note in their onboarding email, and more. We recommend this method for adding small numbers of users, as it can get tedious when you start working with more than a few dozen.
  2. Use bulk uploadBulk upload is a simple way to add a large amount of users, at the expense of some customization. All this requires is a .csv file with users’ names, emails, and what groups you want them to belong to. Uploading that spreadsheet creates users and invites them, but again, you don’t have a much ability to customize user parameters with this method.
  3. Use our API directlyAdministrators who have a lot of users to onboard (enough that using our UI directly doesn’t make sense) but want more customization than bulk upload offers should use our API directly. Say, for example, that you wanted your users to have SSO via Google OpenID for authentication. Direct use of our API gives you the ability to upload the types of users you want, and determine how they should be authenticated and what apps they should have access to.
  4. Let our service team help you. Finally, our service team is always ready to help you with implementation and onboarding. We’ll work with the data you have and come up with a schedule that makes sense.

As a bonus, we also make it easy to send bulk emails to users who have not yet taken action on their onboarding email. We understand that it can be difficult to get 500 people to do something in a timely manner. Sometimes, a little reminder is all it takes!

As you can see, whether you’re just looking to add a handful of users at a time, or you’re just starting out and need to upload thousands of new users with custom parameters, we have a solution for you.

Curious about what it would take to get your employees and other users on board with App47? Request a demo today and we’ll talk you through how we would do it.