We talk a lot about enterprise mobility adoption rates, the benefits of mobile apps in the enterprise, and even what’s up-and-coming in the industry. But, as anyone who’s ever looked into enterprise mobility solutions knows, there are a number of different deployment options even once you decide you want to deploy an app within your business.

The two primary options these days are an MAM—a mobile application management solution—and an MDM—a mobile device management solution. An MAM manages mobility at the app level, while an MDM unsurprisingly manages it at a device level. Deciding between the two can seem difficult and confusing at times. 

So: are you unsure about whether or not an MAM is right for your business? Here are 4 signs it might be for you:

  1. You work with a lot of third-party or outside entities. MDM solutions can work for businesses only looking to deploy apps to internal employees, but things get more complicated when you add in outside consultants and service providers. If you work with a lot of third-party entities, an MAM solution—which can be installed on any device—will suit your needs much better.
  2. License management is important to you. If you use Apple’s Volume Purchase Program to purchase apps in bulk, an MAM solution like App47 allows you to distribute and manage each license in an easy-to-use platform. The same is true with Android apps which grant you a certain number of licenses. Using MAM allows you to ensure you’re distributing the correct amount of licenses and can’t be held liable to a higher licensing fee than you’re currently using.
  3. You need a simple way to deploy and monitor apps. Having high-quality apps is important, but so is getting employees and other entities to use them in the first place. An MAM makes the deployment process user-friendly so employees can easily download your apps. Once you’ve deployed your apps, MAM also lets you monitor them on a single platform to track performance, downloads, and more.
  4. Security is top-of-mind. If you value security, you obviously aren’t alone. An MAM solution like App47 allows you to manage security at the app level to ensure data stays where it’s supposed to. The benefit over an MDM solution is that MAM doesn’t require you to secure the whole device, so you can securely install enterprise apps even on phones or devices you don’t technically own.

Do you fit these criteria here, or have questions about deploying an MAM solution within your company? Get in touch with the App47 team by filling out our contact form today!