Spring has sprung!

This time of the year is great for productivity. Better weather means more opportunities to do work around the house, spend time outside, and tackle those projects you’ve been putting off all winter.

Like many other tasks, mobile apps have revolutionized homeowners’ access to information. So, with Spring upon us, we thought we’d share a few apps that will make your to-dos around the home a breeze:

  • Planner ProNot all Spring cleaning has to involve work around the house. If your organizing work around the house has you thinking about making yourself more productive, this app is a great start. Think of it as a calendar and to-do list all in one, with the option to take notes along the way. 
  • BrightNest: BrightNest, a must-have for homeowners, pairs up a home task to-do list with instructions for common home tasks. From occasional maintenance (deep-cleaning your dishwasher) to more regular tasks (getting your floor squeaky clean), BrightNest offers up lots of great information, some of it unconventional! 
  • OurHomeChores aren’t fun, but as parents and other homeowners know, they need to be done. Whether you’re a parent looking to keep track of tasks around the house, or a roommate hoping for a better way to split up the chore load with others, OurHome is a terrific collaboration tool that really makes menial tasks that much easier to accomplish.
  • ThumbtackGot a little too ambitious with your latest project? Or, looking for someone to paint your house? Thumbtack connects customers directly to contractors for any project you can imagine. Gone are the days of scouring the phonebook and hoping for a reliable plumber. This app finds you a match for the job, shows reviews, and makes sure everything goes according to plan. 

Have an app you that isn’t on the list that you’d like to see included? Reach out to us in the comments and let us know!