Why are companies embracing the “enterprise machine” model?

Though companies aren’t yet jumping on the enterprise machine bandwagon in droves, every day we see the model being implemented and executed in new and exciting ways. Through all these new use cases, we’ve found a few common reasons a company might work an enterprise machine into its lineup:

  1. Additional revenue. This is far and away the biggest reason companies are embracing this new model. Embedding applications built by the company (or even a third-party) into the line of products helps a company capture additional revenue that would otherwise be left on the table.
  2. Full control over user experience. How do you create a loyal customer? Branding is certainly a large part of the equation. The enterprise machine model, which caters the user experience from onboarding until the product is out of use, gives companies an incredible amount of control over a product’s users throughout its life cycle.
  3. Solutions are already available. An opportunity that offers companies more revenue and more control over their user experience might sound great—until companies realize that the opportunity is not in their core competencies. That’s where App47 comes in. We have the solution ready to implement, which means companies can stick to what they’re good at while we take care of the legwork and open up new revenue channels.

The benefits of embracing the enterprise machine model are many. More revenue and more control over the user experience can only benefit companies in the long run.

With solutions like ours already available, we don’t think that it will be long until more companies “drop the ‘M’” and embrace the fact that applications aren’t just for mobile devices any more.