10-must-haves-for-your-mam-platformSometimes, when talking to prospective clients, we find that they know they should have a MAM solution but aren’t sure about what exactly that solution should entail.

That’s ok! Everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re thinking about implementing a MAM solution at your organization but don’t quite know where to start, here are 10 things we think your MAM platform ought to have:

  1. Easy management, from development to publishing. Ease of use for administrators is essential. The solution you choose should have an app management console that lets you track apps from development through publishing.
  2. Real-time analytics. When it comes to enterprise mobility, few things are more useful than knowing when and how your apps are being used, and by whom. For that reason, real-time analytics about app downloads and usage are critical. Look for detailed analytics customizable by time period with information about users and devices.
  3. Support across different operating systems. Most workplaces today are full of many different device types and operating systems, though the primary two are Android and iOS. It’s essential to have a MAM platform that can be deployed across different operating systems and application types.
  4. An enterprise app store. This one’s a given. If you’re looking at a MAM solution over an MDM, it’s probably because you don’t want to try to control employees’ app usage at the device level. In a MAM solution, it’s thus essential to have a robust enterprise app store.
  5. SSO integration. These days–provided that your organization supports it–many employees have come to enjoy the convenience and security of single sign-on. Along those lines, make sure your MAM provider offers SSO integration. (At App47, we integrate with AD/LDAP/SAMLv2, and OAuth.)
  6. Easy app updates. Updating the apps your employees use shouldn’t be a chore. Look for a platform that supports auto app updates to ensure all users have the latest version on their devices.
  7. A customizable UI. It ought to be easy for you to customize your MAM solution so it looks and feels like something offered by your organization. All the better if customization is possible across several different constituencies at once.
  8. App Store-like reviews. Employees like hearing directly from other employees about the pros and cons of different apps. The MAM solution you choose ought to give users the ability to rate apps and comment on them just like they would in a public app store.
  9. Easy app store searchability, plus curation. There’s no use having an app store if apps aren’t easy to find within it, so make sure your MAM solution is easy to search by category, name, or featured/top apps. In addition to robust search features, a curated app store–comprised of apps you develop and hand-pick for your employees–can help make your enterprise app store even more useful. (We just recently updated our app store curation engine to be even more useful than before.)
  10. Helpful support features. Usability is the name of the game here. If it isn’t easy for your employees and other constituents to offer feedback, report bugs, and receive support, they’ll quickly lose interest. It’s essential to ensure your MAM platform makes it easy to identify and fix problems.

Here at App47, we often assume that everyone knows exactly what we’re talking about when we mention MAM or enterprise app management. We take for granted that not everyone is fully up-to-speed. We hope this list of must-have features is helpful as you continue navigating the MAM space.

Unsurprisingly, the App47 platform offers all of these must-haves, and more. To learn more about how we can help you, email us at info@app47.com today.