While it’s no longer in its infancy, mobile enterprise appdev is just getting up on its feet. Mobile enterprise application management, however, is definitely still on all fours. That could summarize the findings of the survey we implemented during our recent trip out to San Diego for CTIA.

We had a blast at CTIA, interacted with some truly incredible minds, and learned a lot about current perspectives and perceptions in application development, security, user experience, and the application management lifecycle. A major insight? Folks are starting to understand that mobile appdev doesn't end with deployment — that's where it begins.

Here are some high-level findings from the survey we conducted that speaks right to that insight:

Monitoring Performance

When we asked what was used to monitor apps, we got back expected results for the use of Google and Flurry.  It was intriguing to note that a lot of respondents (26 percent) noted creating their own internal, customized solutions.

What really threw us for a loop? More than 30 percent do absolutely nothing to monitor app performance!

Jaw. Floor.

If you’re not implementing some kind of performance monitoring, whether it’s off the shelf, customized or otherwise, you’re effectively blind as to the ROI for your current spend and more importantly, where you should be spending your future R&D dollars.

User Experience

Almost 50% of survey respondents reinforced the notion that good UX matters for enterprise apps. Our experience has repeatedly conveyed the same. If a company says, “here’s an ugly app, take it or leave it,” we’re finding that the prospective users tend to leave it.

Make its use easy and intuitive, and adoption skyrockets.

Beyond Deployment

Ease of deployment was another important aspect of appdev, but that notion also illuminated the greater need to manage the entire mobile enterprise app lifecycle. Fully, 65 percent of all respondents want apps that are somewhat to very easy to deploy — a no brainer.

But the follow through to deployment — specifically configuration and performance — are just as essential to the app’s success. Everyone confirms the advantages of easy deployment.

Now, we’re seeing realization that control of the entire mobile application management (MAM) lifecycle is earning the same level of priority among the mobile app dev community. Deployment is a great first step, but it’s just that — a first step.

Click here to see survey results in granular detail.

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