What a lot of people don’t know about App47 is that we release a new iteration pretty much every month. We’ve been quiet about that for a while now, but rolling into November we’re finding it hard to keep our mouths shut.

Apart from the expected refinements and mini-fixes inherent in any new release, there’s a trio of new features and functionalities we want to share. Here’s what we think is especially cool about our latest version:

– Support for Public Apps

Until recently, our platform could distribute internal or custom-built apps to your enterprise. Now we have  support for public App stores such as iTunes or the Android Marketplace. Now one branded Enterprise App Store can do both, supporting internal or external apps on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Obviously, that expands anyone’s Enterprise App offering potential, which in turn creates a more satisfying user experience.

– Configuration

While we added this about two releases back, we’ve refined it and are eager to let people know about our enhanced configuration capability. This allows files to be downloaded just as easily as text strings, numbers, dates, etc.

The real advantage is that it let’s you set dynamic configuration policies, defining a set of configuration groups that contain the elements your app needs to best define its behavior. You can set instances of which configuration groups apply to specific App instances. Some examples are A-B testing, defining back-end services, server designation, and many more.

– New API

Adding an API to our system lets you access all agent data and easily make changes to your account. You can then track all data you’ve collected using your own BI tool. An added advantage is that the API is bi-directional, meaning you can make changes to your account.

A key feature is that this lets you manage your mobile App test build distribution through App47 as part of your build process. Allowing you to get daily builds out to your testing team to ensure they are testing with the latest release of the App.

Coming Soon: Meet Milton!

That’s what went on in October, but that doesn’t mean November is going to be a low-key month. We’ve just finished building our own open-source sample App with the specific intention of making it easy for anyone to test App47.

We call our new App 'Milton', and you can expect to be introduced sometime in the weeks ahead.