We found a cool chance to combine app dev and astro-exploration, NASA’s International Space Apps Competition. The fabled agency is challenging competitors to utilize publicly available data in NASA’s database to develop custom apps to create the next “giant leap for mankind.”

We’re huge fans of competitive programs that drive ingenuity and promote exploration of previously uncharted boundaries of mobility, so we’re urging all our app dev friends to get involved.

Of course, we want to help, so we’re extending our mobile app management service free-of-charge to all participants. That means you can use us to help deploy, test, manage and measure performance metrics and behavioral data for the apps you develop for NASA!

We’ll provide our services FREE of charge until 1 month after the winners are announced.

To take advantage of this offer please sign up for our standard trial, then email us at NASA@app47.com with your Account name and we’ll hook you up.

Good luck. We look forward to seeing the results!