Ever been on a long road trip and found yourself playing Russian roulette when guessing which Interstate exit might offer the best hotel, restaurant, or tourist attraction? Before you load up the car and hit the highway, make sure you upload iExit, a great app designed to give long-distance drivers vital info on what waits for them around that next bend in the road.

iExit is the brainchild of our friend and client Evan Metrock, who has built a few apps over the past couple years. A former webdev pro at CareerBuilder, he broke away to pursue app dev full time.

iExit has been his most successful app, with the free version snagging close to 90 downloads a day. Metrocket has partnered with App47 to take it to the next level, and we thought we’d capture some of Evan’s thoughts as we move forward with iExit.

App47: Can you explain why you decided to tap App47 as your analytics partner?

Evan: I’ve been really eager to gather and analyze info for iExit. We’re capturing some data that I think will be incredibly valuable, and as the app owner, I wanted total visibility.

App47: And you get that with our solution?

Evan: Yep. Other vendors fell short. For example, Flurry just gave me summary data, not access to the anonymized data I need. I didn’t just want a summary of the top 50 terms or factors or whatever. The data iExit captures is valuable to me only if I have total access to it.

App47: So it gives you access to a new dimension of data value?

Evan: Right. The app itself is a great product, but the information it gets is also a commodity.

App47: How so?

Evan: Consider how helpful search info could be for shaping roadside billboard deployment and text-based or email based deal delivery. I’m providing an app that’s great for anyone on the road, and enriching its ability to inform third parties about the effectiveness of their promotional efforts.

App47: But you can only do that if you have complete data visibility?

Evan: Exactly. App47 gives me the granular data I need and no cap. That’s the challenge I realized within one week of implementing Flurry, that I was recording very important events in my application, but could only retrieve a summary of the info. App47 changed that by providing deep analytics and visibility info the anonymized data that no other analytics service could.

We’re going to keep up with Evan in the months ahead as iExit continues to evolve, so stay tuned. And if you’re getting ready for that big Thanksgiving haul back to grandma’s, make sure you have iExit ready to roll.