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Today, companies are shifting the user experience for their products from a traditional customized LED screen that controls a machine to a hardened Android based device. These Android based devices, when paired with a machine, provide an environment that can easily be updated through a custom mobile application that controls the device. App47 provides the enterprise app store and app policy enforcement layer needed to make these solutions work. Think of this as the middleware between the applications on a device and the mobile operating system that is authorizing its use, performing upgrades and monetizing any upsell opportunities. App47 provides this mobile “middle mile” to many industries such as construction, broadcast TV, and healthcare markets.

Key Features

App47 works with our customers' product development groups to identify key integration points including:

  • Process and Security for provisioning devices
  • Process and Security for onboarding users/customers of the device
  • Data synchronization and management
  • App Store UI design to match branding and to provide an expected and immersive experience for their customers
  • Paths for upsell opportunities to extend the features of an application controlling the device
  • Application upgrade policy enforcement and version control
  • Custom controls to meet regulatory needs of this new paradigm

BYOD Support

The modern enterprise must enable its employees, partners and customers with an immersive secure mobile experience.  App47 provides the technlogy for organizaitons to launch a secure branded mobile app store to deliver and manage both commercial and custom apps across devices in and out of their control.   Mobile App Management (MAM) is at the core of App47's technolgy and we continue to be the leader in this growing space as a pure play MAM provider.  Let us know how we can help you get started today.


Our real-world experience gained in working with our customers can provide best practices to your team to ensure a successful launch of your product.

  • App47 can provision its solution in a highly secure shared or dedicated managed service environment
  • Custom integrations to enterprise systems can be accomplished with the help of the App47 services team
  • Workflows to support both application and user lifecycles
  • Support for continuity of operations

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