There’s a significant disconnect between perception and reality in mobile health and finance app security.

At least, that’s the conclusion of a new study by app protection company Arxan, which just released its 5th annual State of Application Security Report [All Reports]. Arxan analyzed 126 popular mobile health and finance apps and found that 90% tested positive for at least two critical security risks.

Perhaps more surprising was the disconnect between perception and reality in the space. According to the Arxan survey, a combined 84% of mobile app users and executives believe their mobile apps are “adequately secure,” despite the security flaws we just mentioned.

For even more information from this study, see the infographic below:

Our biggest takeaway from all of this? Companies need not just to prioritize security, but also to ensure they’re meeting expectations in terms of how secure apps actually are. It’s great to think that your suite of mobile apps is secure, but it’s another thing entirely to be taking every possible precaution surrounding app security. As most IT pros know, complacency kills when it comes to security in the enterprise.

Securely succeeding moving forward will mean significantly narrowing the gap Arxan highlighted in this report. Given awareness and the proper resources, though, our experience tells us that this is absolutely possible.