Security is one of the most overlooked aspects in a typical smartphone user’s list of features, when it really should be the first. Luckily, there are plenty of options for businesspeople who use their smartphones to increase productivity in the workplace that have great specs and security features.

Samsung Galaxy S 6/S 6 Edge

The Galaxy S 6 and S 6 Edge come with security features, such as a fingerprint scanner and its Touchwiz functionality. These phones also contain a secure proprietary feature for people who like an extra step in security with their personal files (as well as business users). It’s known as Knox, which works like a mobile device management suite. Knox allows you to compartmentalize your files into a separate virtual partition on the phone, so it can be remotely locked or wiped if the device is lost or stolen. And it is handy for those who use their own devices for work and their personal lives because it keeps everything separate.

Apple iPhone 6

Apple’s iPhone 6 has been a huge hit since the first day it came out. The TouchID is one security feature on the iPhone 6 that is more accurate than Apple’s previous devices due to hardware and software upgrades.

It also includes a couple new iOS security features. The iPhone 6 comes with message encryption, which gives users peace of mind that no one can intercept their messages while they are in transit. In fact, not even a wire tap order can penetrate the transmission. Both iMessage and FaceTime utilize this feature, so users’ face-to-face chats are secure as well. Additionally, iCloud Keychain securely stores and automatically fills out passwords on set websites and apps. This lets users create strong, randomized and unique passwords without having to worry about remembering them.

HTC One M9+

The HTC One M9+ is the first HTC phone to feature a fingerprint scanner. According to Android Central, this phone is different than the original M9 because it has upgraded features, such as the fingerprint scanner between the bottom dual front speakers. This fingerprint scanner is different from the ones on the Galaxy S 6 and the iPhone 6 because it doesn’t serve a double function as a button and is solely a scanner. It’s still unknown whether this makes the scanner more accurate, but, if so, will Apple and Samsung follow suit? Currently, this phone is not available in the United States, but it can be ordered through online vendors.

Smart Circle Blackphone 2

Gizmodo claims that the Blackphone 2 is probably the most secure smartphone in the world. The Blackphone 2 runs a heavily modified version of iOS, called PrivatOS. It does not feature a fingerprint scanner like the other phones mentioned, but it does have an app store that is unique to the Blackphone. Although the App Store on the iPhone is regulated, PrivatOS kicks it up a notch. It lists the permissions in plain language so you can decide if the app is secure enough before downloading and using it.