Here’s today’s Captain Obvious moment: Successful businesses make it their business to understand what customers need.

What’s not so obvious is finding the places where these customers are congregating. Such is the value of social media, a virtual playground of prospects — and all a company needs to do is find a means of engagement.

For Pratik Kothari, CEO of Techark Solutions, the key to social media is proving to be enterprise mobile apps. The ones that fold in social functionality have gained the top spot in app stores, knocking games down a peg, and suggesting that enterprise engagement might trump consumer entertainment.

Like many appdev companies, Techark started out with a strong consumer focus, but in the latest episode of What’s Appening, Pratik explains the enterprise mobile evolution he’s witnessed firsthand, and the social media emphasis that is underscoring more and more of today’s apps.

Give a listen!

And for a quick look at TechArk, check out their video.

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